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What Is The Process Like?

All career coaching sessions with me are 1-on-1 sessions currently delivered on Zoom. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose either one of the options below.


Coaching Packages

Specific Career Issue 90-Min Coaching  Session

This option is most suited if you would like to discuss a specific issue in your career, which could be dealt with over one or a few sessions. Examples of topics that can be covered in standalone sessions: performance optimisation, imposter syndrome, confidence building, presentation skills, leadership skills, work/life balance, career goals, etc.

Career Reset 8-Week Program

This option is ideal if you’re a bit lost in your career, want to do something different but not quite sure what and how to go about it. This is a comprehensive programme that will take you through a career reset journey over an 8-week period and includes:

1:1 Coaching Sessions (9h) Click Here to Read More

Stage 1

We explore WHO YOU ARE – looking at your values, achievements, skills, strengths, blockers…

  • 1 x 2h foundation session
  • 1 x 1.5h session

At the end of that stage, we should have a clear idea about who you truly are, what’s really important to you, what makes you happy and what your non-negotiables are.

Stage 2

We look at YOUR OPTIONS – what could you possibly do? (Encouraging you to dream big!)

  • 2 x 1.5h sessions

At the end of that stage, we should have a clear idea about the options worth for you to follow up and you should feel more empowered and confident to move forward.

Stage 3 

We work on a PLAN OF ACTION – now we know what you’re going to do next, how are you going to go about it?

  • 1 x 1.5h session
  • 1 x 1h session

At the end of that stage, we should a clear idea about how you’re going to go about your job search/new business venture and have your next steps planned.

Add-ons Included In The Package Click Here to Read More

– Confidence Building Exercises – to ensure you’re in the most optimal mindset when ready to move forward.

– Personality Test – to add a piece to the puzzle in understanding who you are and how it can serve you best in your career.

– Saboteurs Test – to identify these self-sabotage tendencies that might be holding you back and learn how to overcome them.

– CV, LinkedIn profile, covering letter review and optimisation – tailored to your desired outcome.

– Targeted sharing of material (literature, videos, podcasts…) that might be helpful to you throughout the programme.

– Ongoing chat/text/email support from me throughout the programme to help you as needed and answer any questions.

Follow - Up Click Here to Read More

1 x 45 min follow up coaching and mentoring session call after the programme to fine tune any outstanding issue or help with any challenge faced (usually 3-4 weeks after the last coaching session).


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