The desire to help others through career coaching has emerged from my own personal experience.


Throughout my professional life I have often felt that I was either not in the right role, the right company, or the right industry… I often used to have that nagging feeling that there was something else out there for me, that would suit my personality better, that would allow me to use my skills more so I could thrive and excel…Most importantly, I wanted to find something that I would really LOVE doing day in day out.

Like a lot of people, I was longing for a sense of purpose in my life and an ongoing need to feel fulfilled. I therefore know too well the challenges and thought process involved when one feels that “my job’s ok but…it’s not great…it could be better…I could be better…my life could be better…I want to feel complete”.

With that mindset, I have reinvented myself a few times, from my first career in Marketing Research to Aromatherapy to Recruitment and Coaching… learning different skills and experiences along the way!

For the last few years, my career has been within recruitment, where I have helped hundreds of people find their dream job. My favourite part of the job has always been the coaching/nurturing side of the role. I therefore decided to take a step further and deepen my coaching skills by undertaking a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching (accredited by the ICF – International Coaching Federation).   

My life purpose is to help you tap into your potential so you can create positive and impactful change for yourself.


Leila Denison-Pender

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