“Leila hit the nail on the head with each session we had. She’s goal orientated and brilliant at unpacking the real issue and finding the right way to move forward. I’d highly recommend sessions with Leila when you’re unsure of how to make your next career move, she’ll make things a lot clearer!” (A.E)


“I thoroughly recommend Leila for career coaching. From the initial chat right through to our final session, I found Leila to be fantastic. She’s really helped me work out the direction of my career. I love her style, she’s a great listener and she really motivated me. Thanks very much Leila!” (L.G)


“I really enjoyed my sessions with Leila. I liked the fluidity of the sessions, it wasn’t too rigid. I found the visualisation exercises very powerful and a few ideas came through, without judgement. Leila really helped me gain more clarity with my career direction.” (C.B)   


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